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Keeping up with the Relentless Parade of New Technologies

Keeping up with the Relentless Parade of New Technologies

As companies extend technology into every aspect of operations, they discover the need for comprehensive support programs that leverage the power of technology and ensure its proper use. This support—the most fundamental of which is IT help desk—frees up employees to focus on core competencies and allows businesses to innovate and grow.

As IT teams strain to meet demands from an increasingly tech-savvy workforce with high expectations, a need for instant gratification and a desire for BYOD programs, agents can become overwhelmed. Outsourcing help desk services to a strategic call center partner alleviates stress on IT while empowering employees to embrace new technologies.

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Lower Costs, Not Quality

Focus on the big picture—goals, growth and core strengths—without limiting your ability to take on new technologies in cost effective ways.

CGS allows our clients to cost effectively service all employees—from a single location and no matter what language—without sacrificing quality.

We manage the people, including recruiting, hiring, training and retaining top talent, so you can scale quickly. Our technology allows agents to efficiently assist employees across channels and utilize data from every interaction to continuously improve processes and implement savings.

Greater Flexibility

CGS understands that one solution does not fit all. We think outside-the-box and tailor our solutions to meet each company’s fundamental needs, whether it be onshore or off, dedicated or shared help desk services, 24x7x365, after-hours or self-service, supporting employees anywhere on any device, or using your ticketing tools or our own.

CGS works with clients to determine program goals and suggest the best fit, no matter what—because we know effective and productive employees result in a more profitable business.

Highly-Skilled Problem Solvers

Highly-Skilled Problem Solvers

A help desk team represents the human face of a company’s support system, and must show professionalism, competence and efficiency.

CGS agents are problem-solvers rather than script-readers, and possess the industry experience to handle your employees’ needs. In fact, our agents' can-do attitude achieved 100% SLA attainment for 13 months running for a Fortune 500 department store.

With the perfect blend of technical and interpersonal skills, CGS agents are prepared to handle rapidly changing technologies and business needs while making each interaction personalized and enjoyable. We are driven to go beyond KPIs, improving speed-to-answer and first call resolution. We don’t just resolve problems quickly—we secure your company’s reputation for quality.

BPO & Call Center Outsourcing Solutions by CGS

Our Expertise

CGS is an award-winning provider of help desk call center services delivered from North America, Romania, Chile and India. We are expert at owning the process from start to finish: tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and issue resolution. Help desk solutions include:

  • Remote takeover (RTO)
  • POS support
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Software support
  • Operations support
  • Mobile and BYOD support
  • Logistics support
  • Employee service center

Clients including three of the world's leading PC makers, three of the world's leading telecommunications companies, one of the three largest retailers and one of the three largest hotel brands turn to CGS to gain the efficiency, talent, state-of-the-art technology and business flexibility they need to support fundamental processes, compete and grow without sacrificing outstanding personal service.

Our Expertise

Global Support

Our call centers are located in United States, Romania, Chile, Israel and India.

20+ Languages Spoken

Includes: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and more 

KPIs / Metrics

Customer Sat exceeds 85%, First Call Resolution 80% or better, avg. Speed to Answer 80% in 60 secs, Call Abandonment 5% or less

Latest Technology

 One solution does not fit all. We help clients select and optimize the best systems and tools for help desk support


PCI compliant, ISO 9001:2008, ServiceNow® Certified System Administrator, COPC certified

Extension of Your Team

Facilities Support, mobile apps, devices and specialty tech, troubleshoot & repair, novice & pro users, knowledge-base development

45+ Million

45+ million customer interactions annually


First contact center with social media monitoring capabilities


Our agents speak the languages of 80% of the world’s people

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