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Welcome to our eBook: "Unlocking Supply Chain Productivity: The 6 Keys to Success"!

Amidst a backdrop of global uncertainties this eBook

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Uncover the Future of Supply Chain Excellence in the 2024 Trends & Tech Report!

Discover eCommerce strategies, cost-saving

Home Goods eBook
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Welcome to our eBook focused on the dynamic home goods industry. With a remarkable four-decade history of collaboration with businesses in

2023 Trends Report
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Unlock the secrets to business success in 2023 with our exclusive report!

Get the most up-to-date insights on supply chain

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Extend Real-time Visibility Across Your Entire Demand & Supply Chain

Find out why production management information technology is

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Even before the pandemic, outsourcing was gaining in popularity.

Doing Business with Amazon eGuide
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Online marketplaces are an important retail channel. In fact, Amazon has become such a massive business, it’s often considered a channel

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Next Normal
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In 2021, the COVID pandemic persisted much longer than anticipated. Mask mandates and

Proactively Planning: How L&D Leaders Are Adapting to an Unpredictable World
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Even if businesses were more prepared in 2021 to manage the pandemic than they were the prior year, new issues like the Great Resignation

2022 Supply Chain Technology and Trends Report
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“In 2022, winners will be companies that demonstrate differentiated thinking and make strategic bets and investments.”

6 Steps for Choosing an  Agile Learning Partner
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Prior to the digital age, Learning and Development (L&D) was seen as a nice-to-have, but not critical, function within a company. Amid

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Labor Shortages and Technology Limitations are Major Challenges for Companies and their BPO Partners in 2022

Survey reveals surging

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Leveraging Augmented Reality for Digital Transformation in Business & Large Enterprises

Today's businesses – large and small

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Retailers need a solid view of the products they have in the pipeline, from the source to the store. For that to happen, it’s going to

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The COVID pandemic saw several fundamental shifts in the way fashion and textiles do business. Brands and retailers are responding through

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Over the past year, technology companies have been forced to transform the way they engage with customers. With in-person interaction off

L&D Trends for the Future of Work
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Our report aims to take on the Future of Work from a different angle.

This report goes beyond what work will look like for employees,