Only a small portion of IT dollars go toward innovative projects, while the rest keeps current infrastructure stable.  Most midsize companies cite financial pressures, lack of skills, security, cultural resistance and incompatible architecture as the reasons why transformational projects get pushed aside. With a suite of IT services, CGS can help you create a technology plan and migrate and manage the complete process. Together we can build new systems, empower virtual users and change your business through technology.

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Digital Revolution of the Workplace

According to a recent Accenture report, 82 percent of business leaders expect their organizations to be digital businesses in the next three years, while 90 percent of employees currently expect digital learning to have a positive impact on their work.

As a result, funding for corporate learning will grow, “game changing” technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, mobile, social and video will continue to reach a wider number of learners at a fraction of the cost, while creating and packaging engaging content to meet the diverse needs of end users will increase significantly. The CGS Enterprise Learning group helps businesses transform their employee development strategies with digital tools, personalized learning and richer data.

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Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Consumer expectations are higher than ever before. To succeed in today’s fast-paced and omnichannel retail environment, companies need to digitalize their supply chain operations to increase speed, agility and transparency. From product design and manufacturing to order fulfillment and sales, the CGS BlueCherry® Suite is an end-to-end supply chain management solution that helps fashion, apparel and footwear brands increase speed-to-market, lower operational costs and maximize retail sales.

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