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Learn from 3 industry leaders who share their remarkable journeys of digital transformation, providing valuable insights into how

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Welcome to our eBook focused on the dynamic home goods industry. With a remarkable four-decade history of collaboration with businesses in

CGS and Dignity Apparel
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Discover the success story of Dignity Apparel and the game-changing impact of BlueCherry ShopFloor Control. See

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Unlock the secrets to business success in 2023 with our exclusive report!

Get the most up-to-date insights on supply chain

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Extend Real-time Visibility Across Your Entire Demand & Supply Chain

Find out why production management information technology is

Inspectorio and CGS Webinar
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The combination of CGS’ visibility over floor-level production with Inspectorio’s visibility over quality control, enables brands

Doing Business with Amazon eGuide
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Online marketplaces are an important retail channel. In fact, Amazon has become such a massive business, it’s often considered a channel

Interest in Sustainability Surges for Consumer Products
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To gauge consumers’ current sentiment around sustainable products and brand sustainability practices, we surveyed more than 1,000 U.S.

2022 Supply Chain Technology and Trends Report
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“In 2022, winners will be companies that demonstrate differentiated thinking and make strategic bets and investments.”

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Retailers need a solid view of the products they have in the pipeline, from the source to the store. For that to happen, it’s going to

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The COVID pandemic saw several fundamental shifts in the way fashion and textiles do business. Brands and retailers are responding through

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Webinar Replay Now Available

We presented a webinar, “4 Steps to Digitally Transform Your Factory Floor,” with our partner Americas

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Ecofriendly and Made in America Are Top of Mind

In the CGS 2021 State of the U.S. eCommerce Consumer Survey, 1,000 U.S. consumers were

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Consumers are increasingly interested in the impact of purchases, including the environmental and social costs of production. In our

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Star Garment Group is no stranger to problem solving and transformation. Since 1978, this Sri Lanka-based business has been transforming

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Shop Floor Control, or production management, technology is key to digital transformation of the fashion and sewn products factory floor.