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Complexity and Change Are the Challenge

Here’s the dilemma: Technology is increasing in complexity, and at a faster rate than ever before. Limited resources and stressed budgets coupled with expanding needs are outpacing the ability of small IT teams to complete all of their daily tasks and maintenance, let alone stay current.

Think of technology as the heartbeat that keeps business data and communications flowing. If you needed heart surgery, would you go to a renowned specialist with hundreds of successful surgeries under his belt, or a generalist who does one or two a year? IT generalists may unwittingly be putting your business at risk.  The truth is this: Specialists outperform generalists every time. They save money through efficiency, and lower risk by doing their job right the first time around.

A Trusted Partner

Companies need a trusted partner with the right resources and deep and extensive expertise. CGS has the resources to assist your in-house team or, to become your virtual IT department, if you don’t have one.

What technologies does CGS support? It might be easier to list what we DON’T support. We specialize in putting your technology stack into place, and then ensure that it continues working. From computers and servers to your operating system and office software, we are there to help.

Our global team of technology experts is always working. We are there when you need us most—behind the scenes, even when you don’t notice, working to keep your business secure and running smoothly. Technology excellence and customer service are our total and complete focus.

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Expert Strategy Lowers Risk

During a disaster, you want an expert guiding you to safety.  CGS specializes in helping companies create a custom disaster recovery plan to protect your business from a simple outage to a full-blown black swan event that puts your entire business at risk.

There are only two certainties in the world of technology: Change and eventual failure. CGS is dedicated to preparing you for the first eventuality,  and takes all proper precautions to prevent the second.

As part of the onboarding process, CGS will identify your unique critical processes and develop a strategic plan to support your company’s long-term objectives. Our team of experts will design a technology management program that supports your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Planning and Preparation Reduces Costs

Lowering the costs of IT management is all in the preparation.  Reacting to IT emergencies will always cost more than preventing them. Expert guidance is the secret to reducing costs. It ensures you are making the right decisions and have the processes in place to gain the most efficiency from your information technology assets.

The CGS process is designed to prepare you for a more productive future, and to prevent failures from disrupting your business.

Technology Evolution

CGS IT Services‘ core strength derives from the business intelligence in technology management cultivated over 30 years. We have deep experience in helping clients understand new technologies, and applying them to their businesses in a way that helps them gain a competitive edge.

CGS is unlike ‘flash in the pan’ start-up technology companies, that are missing the business acumen that comes from real world business experience. New technology for the sake of something new is a waste of time, but new technology for the sake of a business breakthrough should be the goal of every new initiative.

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CGS named one of the 20 most powerful cloud companies


34% reduction in server issues over just 3 months

20 – 30%

20 – 30% infrastructure cost savings achieved

“We are more than pleased with our CGS Managed Services and Virtual Desktop implementation. Most notable is the high caliber of technical expertise and commitment to delivering their solutions on time and on budget.  We were able to reduce IT costs by 10% and due to the phenomenal service culture can relax on our evenings and weekends knowing our systems and support are in excellent hands.”

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