Modern B2B eCommerce

The consumer lifestyle products market is changing rapidly to keep pace with new omnichannel technologies. 

Consumers demand greater product choice, quality and shopping options. Brands and retailers alike are challenged to deliver a steady flow of on-trend merchandise to their customers.   

The traditional seasonal sales calendar has given way to the new reality of high-frequency new product introductions. B2B buying and selling processes have historically centered on tradeshows, market events and face-to-face meetings. This is changing. Today’s business environment demands more efficient and cost-effective buyer-seller interactions on the web. 

B2B eCommerce for luxury goods and consumer goods

Brand Stories Visualized

BlueCherry® B2B eCommerce accelerates and simplifies the entire wholesale sales process using a private marketplace.

Wholesalers and retail brands can engage retail buyers, promote products, select assortments and receive confirmed orders. With BlueCherry B2B eCommerce wholesalers and brands can do business in real time on any device. Buyers can view seller recommendations and get detailed product information. The B2B eCommerce solution has global support features including regional currency, so retail brands and wholesalers can sell internationally.

Savvy wholesalers use cloud-based BlueCherry B2B eCommerce to efficiently present and share information with buyers 24/7/365. Wholesalers and retail brands can use the mobile application to tell their brand story and streamline the order process.

Drive B2B Sales in Real Time

The retail industry is driven by results. Wholesale Sales teams need to match what individual buyers are likely to want or need next. 

BlueCherry B2B eCommerce gives global sales teams the ability to:

  • Get up to speed quickly
  • Create much richer customer experiences
  • Produce deeper analytics

This helps brands capitalize on what products sell and quickly -- and move on from what doesn’t. 

Tapping into the power of selling on any device in real time, your sales teams can engage retail buyers faster. They can make visually compelling presentations and simplify your entire wholesale sales process.  

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Build Stronger Relationships

BlueCherry B2B eCommerce builds stronger, more efficient sales relationships. It uses a private marketplace with proven enterprise features including multilingual and multi-currency capabilities. More than 80,000 retail buyers benefit from unparalleled convenience and time-savings. Buyers can view products, check availability, place orders and get order updates faster and cheaper. 

Unlike public marketplaces, BlueCherry B2B eCommerce respects and protects individual buyer-seller relationships. Only authorized buyers have access to their retail partners. Buyers enjoy the convenience and control of access to all the information they need. They can conduct business when and where they want. 

Watch Komar, an industry-leading apparel company representing nearly 100 lifestyle brands, tell their BlueCherry success story. 


Features & Benefits

Line Sheet Templates

Enables users to quickly create custom line sheets and assortment plans. Send via email to one or many buyers or export as PDF or Excel files. These digital catalogs are based on templates that can be highly customized

Sales Automation

Designed for sales reps this module includes account lookup, contact management, ATS/Delivery lookup, sales order entry, order status lookup and our offline mobile application for road reps and trade shows

Facilitate Orders

Create orders from a catalog or enter online. Validate availability, delivery, special pricing, multiple currencies and more

Buyer Portal

Online buyer portal. Retailers log in and securely access order status, browse merchandise, review recommended assortments from their rep and place new orders

Sales Analytics

Sales data and insight on eCommerce trends for Brand Managers and Sales Reps to effectively manage their territory and merchandise assortments

API Access & API Integration

Web API integration services for 3rd party software, including ERP, PLM and B2C e-Commerce solutions


250,000+ users worldwide


80,000+ retail buyers on BlueCherry B2B eCommerce platform

$40 B+

BlueCherry customers together deliver $40b+ in annual retail sales

Portrait of Kimberly Deignan, Associate Merchandiser, Komar Brands for BlueCherry b2b ecommerce
Kimberly Deignan

“BlueCherry B2B is an effective communication tool. It’s very user friendly. It’s quick. As a merchandiser, we can give Sales the tools they need to create full line sheets for national brands like Nordstrom and Macy’s to show them their full buy, in a very visual, beautiful way.  I have trained sales reps on the necessary functions that they need to be up and running - in a day.”

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