As Business Challenges Grow, Experiential L&D with AR is the Solution

  • $160 billion is the total cost of the skills gap to U.S. companies per year.*
  • 60% of U.S. employers have job openings that stay vacant for 12 weeks or longer.*
  • 45% of investments in corporate learning are ineffective.*
  • 12% of CFOs have confidence in their learning and development investments.*

Augmented reality is bridging gaps by improving learning engagement and retention in real time while delivering real business benefits. According to IDC, business leaders using AR are experiencing greater efficiency, increased safety and improved knowledge transfer among employees. Teamwork AR pairs the interactive power of augmented reality with the 35 years of expertise CGS has in creating rich experiences through technology-enabled custom content. 

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*Source: The Centre for Economic Research (CEB).

Augmented reality for corporate learning

Learning in the Flow of Work

Teamwork AR is a next-level learning and development solution. Using any device, anywhere, Teamwork AR brings real-time digital transformation to on-the-job training.  Powered by high-quality custom content and augmented reality, Teamwork AR solves the ROI challenge. It seamlessly aligns workers’ needs with real-time collaboration and built-in business metrics. Through use of Teamwork AR, learning is more efficient and increases employee productivity, moving your workforce from the classroom to real-world projects and successes quicker.

Teamwork AR changes the way work gets done and elevates the outcome.

Teamwork AR™ by CGS

How Learning and Development Teams Benefit from AR

As the technology landscape changes, global workplaces are finding new ways to help their employees thrive. Today’s technology allows for more immersive and enriching ways to share and scale knowledge. Augmented reality (AR) technology provides employers with richer and more cost-effective options for on-the-job training, experiential coaching and knowledge transfer and collaboration. Teamwork AR helps Learning and Development teams align with the goals of line-of-business leaders. Across departments, teams, workers, generations and learning styles, AR paired with custom content, helps to solve real problems, in real-time. Allow Teamwork AR to help your teams reduce risk, errors and injury, accelerate the design process, reduce repeat customer visits and maintenance, provide remote guidance, boost sales enablement, connect a global community of new hires and SMEs and provide interactive support at the time of need.  

Augmented reality works for everyone

Features & Benefits

AR for Any Device, Anywhere.

Available on iOS, Android, web and wearable platforms (HMT-1), allowing for interoperability for support and collaboration

Real-Time AR Collaboration Tools.

Videoconferencing & recording, chat, annotation, object placement, shared workspaces and screenshots, remote guidance with direct interaction from SMEs, hands-free AI-based voice search

Feature-Rich Visualization Tools.

Rich, real-life visuals: 3D objects, rotate, draw & annotate, point of view, image recognition, environmental mapping, video streaming, adjustable bandwidth for field service optimization


ServiceNow, among other IT service management providers, to create / append service tickets, learning management systems (LMS), eLearning courseware, support for IoT


Save sessions, timestamps for compliance, track status of learning materials usage

Expert AR Content Development

Custom content development provides an end-to-end solution; no agencies, no new development staff, just results

24x7 Support.

Approachable, knowledgeable support team with fast turnaround, in real time via chat, phone or email

Global Performance.

Live language translation and support to unite your global team; removing language barriers, you can tap into a larger talent pool to collaborate on projects or resolve issues


Communication engine built on ISO 27001, one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards

150% better

Performance is 150% better for employees than those using paper-based training materials.

60% increase

Experience 60% increase in learning effectiveness

50% faster

Results in 50% faster task performance

Christopher Lind photograph
Christopher Lind

People are buying things because they're wowed by the sales experience. AR made that possible for us. AR used to be outside our scope. CGS made it simple so it fits into our mix of sales tools.

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