The History of CGS

In 1984, Phil Friedman started CGS in New York City with five people, providing professional IT services. Through organic growth and various acquisitions, CGS steadily grew its business in the U.S. and expanded internationally.

More than four decades later, CGS has grown to over 8,000 employees across North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia, delivering Business Applications, Enterprise Learning and Outsourcing services to customers in 45 countries around the globe. Our clients span across such industries as fashion, apparel, healthcare, retail, financial services, hospitality, technology and telecommunications, among others. 

Our Business

Our BlueCherry® Enterprise Suite includes ERP, PLM, Shop Floor Control, B2B eCommerce, Warehouse Management and other key modules and provides our clients with a powerful, comprehensive set of tools to drive their fundamental business processes. It is acknowledged as the industry standard by companies throughout consumer lifestyle products industry manufacturing, wholesale and retail markets. Focusing on the needs of high-growth organizations, our solutions have the built-in capacity to address the needs of all core management, planning, product development, manufacturing, logistics, finance and sales functions and are supported by our Managed Cloud and Cybersecurity capabilities.

Our Enterprise Learning division serves as a trusted partner to many of the world’s most dynamic companies, delivering innovative, custom learning solutions that are essential to scaling their people, processes and performance. CGS’s custom professional development solutions range from interactive game-based eLearning to transformational technology rollouts. Each solution is designed to keep clients’ employee-related business fundamentals strong in today’s ever-changing corporate environment.

Our Outsourcing division delivers solutions to many of the world's industry-leading brands, including global retailers, healthcare providers, technology and telecom providers and global hospitality brands. CGS’s innovative, scalable and flexible outsourcing solutions include traditional BPO, technical support, customer care, outbound telesales and channel enablement and back office support.

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Our Philosophy

Throughout its growth, CGS has remained true to its entrepreneurial beginnings. The company values speed over bureaucracy and innovation over the commonplace, directly aligning our objectives with our clients’ needs. Our people, along with well-resourced and nurtured customer relationships have been the core components to building our global business.

At CGS, we know that there is nothing basic about the fundamental business processes and systems organizations rely on. Whenever we start working with a new customer or on a new project, we partner with that client to implement powerful solutions to strengthen our customers’ business, helping to develop and support the foundation for future growth.

How we work:

We are OPEN to new and different ideas and approaches.

We are RESOURCEFUL in dealing with new and challenging situations.

We are DRIVEN to excel in all that we do.

CGS People & Culture 2021

40+ years

40+ years in business

3,500 customers

3,500 customers doing business in 40 countries

7,500 people

7,500 professionals employed across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia