In-Person Training Has a Solid Track Record

The way we learn has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. It’s no surprise — Millennials and Generation Z are digital natives who expect cutting-edge design, mobile and adaptive learning at their fingertips and on-the-run.

When developing learning strategies, companies often assume that a technology-driven approach is the most effective, but studies show that in-person training still has a solid track record.

Consider a recent two-year Bloomberg study of 1,700 companies; the goal was to understand which behaviors, practices, technologies and services drive the best sales performance. The result: a clear link between live, in-person, instructor-led classroom training and the most successful sales organizations. Similar results exist across customer service, compliance and highly technical departments.

CGS In person training

Personalized Training that Scales

CGS Enterprise Learning provides both Instructor-Led (ILT) and Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) solutions.  

The advantages of live instruction are clear: face-to-face interaction, a direct connection between instructors and learners, the convenience of the location of your choice, collaborative group training, and hands-on workshops.   

And VILT is a cost-effective way to train employees in disparate locations, while providing the personalized guidance of an expert live trainer.  

CGS has a roster of over 2000 hand selected instructors who have deep expertise in everything from compliance, sales and leadership development training to safety training, app development and risk management.  

Strategic Partners in Scalability

CGS has developed over 3,000 instructor-led training courses designed for collaborative learning, and we continuously evolve to keep pace with shifting business needs and learning styles.

Our learning experts help you grow your organizational skills, build solutions and reach new clients and markets across virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces—opening more possibilities to more employees no matter where they are.

When a global semiconductor company with the industry’s largest network of sales and support staff called on CGS to help improve the customer experience for more than 100,000 customers worldwide, we delivered sales training programs to employees in 20 global locations, all within six weeks. CGS helps you scale.


Roster of over 2,000 hand-selected instructors


Supported 1m+ learners in 2017 alone


Over 3,000 instructor-led courses under our belt

“CGS provides 95% of the support we get from outside vendors. We act as one big team on learning, training, instructor-led delivery content, development, consulting, learning analytics—anything around learning or training.”