Omnichannel Apparel ERP Software to Meet Consumer Demands

In today’s omnichannel business environment, fashion, apparel and footwear companies are constantly challenged to meet customer demands. Consumers want more innovative products and more frequent product releases. They want higher quality and higher perceived value.

At the same time, apparel companies face increasing supply chain complexities. Fashion and apparel brands are tasked with reducing cycle times and controlling product costs.

BlueCherry® ERP is designed to help top fashion brands overcome these operations and market challenges. With real time enterprise visibility, companies gain greater control of their supply chain. Apparel companies can improve strategic decision-making.  Apparel companies can become more agile. They can streamline the delivery of products through all sales channels.

Feature-Rich Apparel ERP Designed for Global Brands

BlueCherry ERP is the most widely deployed and feature-rich apparel ERP solution available.  BlueCherry apparel ERP software is used by leading fashion and footwear brands across the globe. It is used to plan, manage, synchronize and optimize supply chain and distribution activities.

Market-Leading Capabilities Include:

  • Order-to-Cash Management
  • Financial Management
  • Credit/Factor Management
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Production/Import Management
  • Predictive and Actual Costing
  • Robust Reporting

With a comprehensive range of capabilities, BlueCherry apparel ERP empowers companies to streamline processes, gain greater visibility, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

Fashion and Apparel ERP with Industry Focused KPIs

BlueCherry Business Intelligence (BI) solutions included with BlueCherry apparel ERP helps leaders and managers in fashion, apparel, and footwear industries understand the most important issues, trends and opportunities.  

An innovative database reporting tool provides concise, aggregate views of performance and business health. BlueCherry BI transforms volumes of data into actionable information. Leaders and managers can review charts, graphs, and summary reports that are easy to understand. Reporting updates are delivered by web browser, email inbox or through text messages.  

Executives leverage BlueCherry BI to make strategic business decisions. 

  • Increase inventory turns
  • Optimize product allocation
  • Establish more effective pricing and promotions
  • Improve vendor score-carding

The system can be used to report on a variety of sales, profits, receivables, inventory and other relevant business KPIs.

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End-to-end Fashion, Footwear and Apparel ERP software

BlueCherry® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a best-in-class solution and an apparel ERP specific to the fashion and footwear industry. Providing a comprehensive set of tools to power the industries’ fundamental business processes. BlueCherry helps manage critical business transactions from customer orders to deliveries, planning to production, raw materials to finished products and everything in between.

Consumer lifestyle product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers benefit from end-to-end transparency. BlueCherry software gives visibility and control across the entire enterprise and supply chain. BlueCherry apparel ERP connects and strengthens core business functions through an integrated platform. This offers seamless omnichannel operations in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Features & Benefits

Reporting Engine

Generate reports with a user-friendly integrated report-building engine to give complete in-house and supply chain visibility


Manage everything from customer orders to deliveries, planning to production, raw materials to finished products

Integrated EDI

Fully integrated and automated EDI capabilities eliminate the need for expensive third-party EDI translation software or services


Developed specifically to meet the fast-changing needs and demands of the apparel and footwear industry

Elite Tech

Web-based technology, scalable multi-tier architecture, modular design, easy connectivity

Superior UI

Includes a familiar interface, advanced search, productivity enhancers, personalization, dashboards, alerts and notifications

Photo of Keith Smith from Delta for apparel and fashion erp
Keith Smith

”The nice thing we found is that the BlueCherry product has allowed us to standardize on one platform and then configure the software to meet our unique business requirements” 


250,000+ users worldwide


A community of 500+ customers

$40 B+

BlueCherry customers together deliver $40b+ in annual retail sales

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