Recognized for Innovation and CX

The global pandemic upended business as usual across all industries. As social distancing and working remotely took hold, companies accelerated the need for technology to support everything from onsite repairs to training employees. Our award-winning Teamwork AR™ solution, recognized by industry analysts and businesses for its innovation, customer experience (CX) and practical functionality, brings the right technology at the right time. Whether your company needs temporary remote assistance during this time of disruption or ongoing support for a dispersed workforce, the solution can support your customers and employees. It allows employees to be more efficient by utilizing real-time learning and guidance remotely through collaboration, while also keeping them safe by limiting unnecessary travel.

Download the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award Report for our AR solution.

Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award

Best tech support for lowering your costs and increasing efficiency

We’ll help you automate responses to standard technical issues and improve agent efficiency so you can scale your technical support services. Give your customers quick and easy resolutions across channels. They get access to a highly experienced, skilled team for managing more complex problems that need higher-level support which can be delivered through visually interactive, immersive technologies such as AR. CGS technical support agents stretch every metric. We go beyond KPIs to diagnose and resolve your customers’ technology and software issues the first time, every time. This keeps costs down, aids in customer retention and optimizes the CX. 

We recruit and hire top talent so knowledgeable specialists will be assisting your B2B and B2C customers with tech support issues as they arise. Our proven recruiting and retention processes mean we can cost-effectively and quickly scale to better manage new product releases or seasonal fluctuations.

Our complete outsourcing services teams receive dedicated operations management, training and quality assurance staff. The added value gets transferred to your customers with shorter wait times and exemplary quality service.    

How Xylem Selected CGS as a BPO Partner


We tailor our solutions to your company’s fundamental needs. CGS offers offers voice, live messenger, omni-channel, onshore, nearshore, offshore, Work From Home, inbound or outbound tech support outsourcing services. Your valued customers want answers anytime, anywhere. We provide follow-the-sun global support in more than 25 languages 24x7x365.

CGS outsourcing services include B2B and B2C tech support across your complete customer lifecycle. This includes product info, activations, installs, repairs, account management and warranty, remote, dispatch and field support. We troubleshoot and fix tier 1-3 issues for electronics, mobile devices, computers, SaaS products and custom software. 

We can help you choose the right technology to support your processes, needs and budget. We offer technical support for custom applications or major platforms, such as ServiceNow and Salesforce. We’ll make your technical support processes seamless. A great team aided by the best technology is an unstoppable force. We’ll take valuable knowledge gained from every interaction with your customers to detect gaps in coverage, predict problems before they occur and continuously improve processes.

CGS Outsourcing’s flexible solutions allow you to consolidate and optimize your operations and elevate your support experiences to differentiate your brand. 


CGS delivers award-winning technical support services across a wide range of industries:

  • Telecommunications 
  • Consumer electronics 
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • B2B technology

We offer consistent processes globally with our Work From Home agents and in state-of-the-art contact centers across U.S., Canada, Romania, Chile, India, Israel and South Africa. We pioneered remote PC takeover and diagnostics, and are experts at owning the support process from start to finish. This includes all tiers of issue resolution from simple tech questions to deep specialized product expertise. We apply innovative technologies and automation to ensure our agents have everything they need to best serve your customers. 

Our clients include three of the world's leading PC makers, three of the world's leading telecommunications companies, a Fortune 500 insurance company and a multibillion-dollar identity and access management company. These partners leverage our expertise as a trusted technical support resource. Combined with high-quality customer care, we keep their customers happy, so they’ll buy more, use more, talk positively about their brands and help their businesses grow.

BPO & Call Center Outsourcing Solutions by CGS


CGS Teamwork AR™, an augmented reality (AR) platform, extends the reach and value of your technical support investments by enabling agents to provide remote live guidance and support through collaboration. Whether your users need extra help unboxing a new equipment, troubleshooting a problem, finding a warranty claim serial number or fixing wi-fi connectivity, Teamwork AR can help. 

CGS agents are transported into your users’ home or workplace using a customer’s phone or tablet to visually guide them through issue resolution with remote interactive assistance. This helps the customer simply show rather than explain what’s wrong. And, it allows the agent to easily convey steps by adding visual indications to the real-world environment, showing the user exactly what to do. 

Tech support agents can validate tech support requests prior to onsite dispatches, diagnose issues, walk through simple repairs or preorder necessary replacement parts. This can lessen the amount of time spent onsite for technicians and eliminate the need for repeat visits.  For a leading technology company implementing Teamwork AR led to a 30% reduction in No Fault Found dispatches.

customer service agent assist with ar


Looking to outsource management of IT services and IT support. We will support your:

  • Servers 
  • Storage
  • Networks
  • Email
  • Applications
  • IT projects 
  • Microsoft Office 365 
  • Cloud migrations 

Read about our Managed IT services.

Features & Benefits

Limitless Technology

We help clients select and optimize the best ticketing systems and knowledge management tools for technical support.

KPIs / Metrics

Customer satisfaction exceeds 85% | First call resolution 80%+ | Avg. speed to answer 80% in 60 secs | Call abandonment -5%

25+ Languages Spoken

Including: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Swedish

Channel-less Support

Contact centers in U.S., Romania, Chile, India, Israel and South Africa provide support across phone, text, chat, email, social and web


Soc 2 Type 2, PCI compliant, ISO 9001:2015, ServiceNow® Certified System Administrator

Issue Resolution

Identify and diagnose hardware, software, mobile and web app, restaurant (QSR) and POS support issues with escalation, dispatch and resolution.

Predictive Analytics

Using data, we’ll help you predict and resolve issues before they come up

AR for Field Services Support

Save time and costs for onsite support by enabling your field services teams with access to highly trained technicians aided by augmented reality (AR)

AI & Human Hybrid

Chatbots and virtual assistants take care of the simple stuff so human agents can focus on complex tasks that require problem-solving and empathy

65+ Million

65+ million customer interactions annually

1st contact

First contact center with social media monitoring capabilities

25+ Languages

Our agents speak the languages of more than 2.25 billion people around the world

"It's a very strong partnership and we really respect the contributions that [CGS] has made to our business and the caliber of leadership that you've put on it to really make sure you deliver that great product for us."

Marci Carris, SVP Customer Care, Sprint

“The three main challenges Xylem faced were: a decentralized organization, uncommon processes globally, and Multilanguage challenges. CGS solved the problems by introducing a dedicated, 24x7x365, global service desk with Multilanguage capability. It absolutely filled the gap in where we needed to go to with standard processes using best practices globally. “

Richard Lampe, Director of Global Infrastructure Operations, Xylem

“We needed a partner who made customer service their core competency. We needed multilingual support for all our solutions and services and we needed to do that in a unified way. That drove customer retention, loyalty and upsell. We needed to improve, somewhat dramatically, on our SLAs and to be able to predict cost. Those are the things that CGS helped us manage in conjunction with the ability to scale to address our business needs.”

Dan Wilkinson, Chief Commercial Officer, 1WorldSync

“They’ve been very flexible with us... so it’s really worked well. It’s driven mainly by the flexibility, the relationships you can build with the people, the ease of working with them. They’re willing to work with you as a partner. And a lot of companies will say that—everyone says they can do that, but CGS really, definitely prove that every day with us.”

 Doug Klees, VP Global Customer Care & Payments, AOL

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