Whether a specialty retail store, quick service convenience store, international hotel brand or restaurant chain –CGS offers solutions to support your organization’s needs. In an ever-changing business environment, retail and hospitality companies require seamless operations and the latest technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer experience goes far beyond customer service. Today’s consumers are increasingly digital, social and mobile. CGS hospitality and retail solutions support global clients in creating a seamless, personalized, real-time and secure customer service experience. Through the use of our customized solutions – BlueCherry® PLM retail software, BPO, Enterprise Learning, Teamwork AR™ and suite of supply chain technologies – customers receive high-quality retail and hospitality business technology and services to fit their unique business needs.

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CGS is recognized as one of the best retail technology companies


BlueCherry PLM provides a single version of the truth – from inception to manufacturing. Our retail PLM platform enables visibility into the entire product lifecycle by centralizing and managing design, product development, raw materials, purchasing and workflow tracking. Our PLM capabilities better equip retailers to streamline processes, increase global collaboration, gain greater visibility, speed and control over collections.

  • Highly configurable out-of-the-box solution
  • Mobile responsive and device agnostic
  • Powerful vendor and supplier collaboration
  • Full testing audit and compliance capabilities
  • Digital asset and document management
  • Role-based dashboards and advanced reporting
  • Adobe Illustrator two-way plugin
  • Quick to implement and launch via cloud and on-premises
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Retail PLM


Our customer support, help desk and tech support solutions for retail and hospitality provide a one-to-one connection between employees and customers. Providing the technology is just the first step. Top retail and hospitality companies know that they need to:

  • Give retail associates access to the help and support needed to make the most of digital and social devices
  • Provide training in both technical and soft skills
  • Ensure retail and hospitality technology infrastructure is robust enough to handle new digital tools that create memorable experiences  
  • Help employees build and nurture a large, loyal retail and hospitality customer base

Through business process outsourcing, CGS empowers your retail associates to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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CGS Outsourcing providing connected guest experiences for retail and hospitality

Better Employee Performance with Learning

CGS helps onboard retail and hospitality employees quickly with custom learning and development services and supports every stage of training required for seamless retail operations. No matter what your business, our Enterprise Learning solutions can help your teams become productive immediately or keep them current on changing technology, processes and customer expectations.

Ensuring employees have the necessary tools, training and support to do their jobs well is critical to success. We specialize in retail, restaurant and hospitality operations training. CGS supports more than one million workers at some of the world’s best-known brands and chains with custom learning programs, including digital learning, instructor-led and blended, so employees can get onboard faster, and stay focused on growing the businesses and keeping customers happy while growing professionally.

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Better hospitality and retail employee performance withe learning and development


Augmented reality (AR) is improving learning engagement and retention in real time for retail and hospitality. Using any device, anywhere, CGS Teamwork AR brings real-time digital transformation to on-the-job training. Most retail employees are not at a desk – they’re on the floor, helping customers. Ensure your workforce can access inventory, make a sale or troubleshoot and repair equipment without introducing downtime for service calls. By using Teamwork AR, your employees have direct knowledge at their fingertips, helping to increase customer satisfaction. Powered by high-quality custom content and augmented reality, Teamwork AR seamlessly aligns workers’ needs with real-time collaboration and built-in business metrics.

Teamwork AR can help your retail and hospitality workforce:

  • Improve learning efficiency
  • Reduce risk of downtime or damage to costly equipment 
  • Reduce risks of accidents and injuries
  • Increase employee productivity

Workers will transition from the classroom to the real-world quicker and ongoing remote guidance and interactive support at the time of need will help them keep up with customers. 

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Augmented reality for retail and hospitality learning and training


Our technology teams can help your retail or hospitality business roll out new hardware such as touchscreen POS, smartphone apps, loyalty systems, kitchen displays and beacon technologies. CGS provides comprehensive roll-out plans and 24x7x365 support to ensure technology investments are optimized.

CGS helps clients get employees productive faster with help desk services that can aid associates with new tech setup and familiarization. With streamlined global help desk services we can support employees’ technology needs worldwide across more than 25 languages. CGS helps clients improve new software and technology adoption and increase employee satisfaction as technology issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

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Help desk solutions for retail and hospitality

 “CGS is our go to partner especially when it comes to complex technology solutions involving learning.”

Maddie Strange, Senior Director Learning & Development McDonald’s Global Learning & Development


Tommy Bahama

“Great thing about CGS is that they’re very versatile, and people know our company very well, and when we have a unique situation, we reach out to them, perhaps do a design session with them, and they know that product so well, and they know Tommy Bahama. So, they will help us align what is possible in BlueCherry, with what we need to run our business. So, that’s been a tremendous, tremendous value.”

65 M+

65+ Million Call Center Customer Interactions Annually


75-85% First Call Resolution


Our Supply Chain Solutions Support More than $40 Billion of Annual Retail Sales

Deskless Workers

Specialized content creation tailored to growing audience of deskless workers


Millions of transactions monthly to demonstrate training ROI


Curated content that includes localization and translations for global markets

25+ Languages Supported

Includes: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and more


Manage everything from customer orders to deliveries, planning to production, raw materials to finished products

Delight Customers

Product assistance, order support, reservations, loyalty programs, facilities support, POS support, restaurant (QSR)