April 25, 2024

Streamlining IT Deployment: A Strategic Approach for Supply Chain Management

Streamlining IT deployment

Supply Chain and Inventory Management are faced with a paradoxical situation. The challenge of reducing costs while managing the complexities of multi-channel supply chain systems is substantial. This is exacerbated by the constant evolution of business requirements and the reliance on manual spreadsheets and outdated legacy software tools. Furthermore, directives to decrease vendor dependency, streamline the technology stack, and eliminate ad-hoc systems add another layer of complexity to the situation.

BlueCherry Supply Chain Management is an innovative Platform as a Service (PaSS) designed to address these challenges head-on. Fred Isenberg, Vice President at Applications Solution Group, CGS, positions this platform as a game-changer, that can stand on its own or be incorporated in a strategy that fully or partially leverages BlueCherry’s rich core applications of ERP, PLM, Quality, Shop Floor Control, B2B eCommerce, Warehouse Management, and EDI.  With this ecosphere, over time, you can build applications leveraging the platform’s supply chain database, API engine and reporting tools as well as incorporate transitioning legacy and sunsetting applications to the BlueCherry application suite which also sits on the platform.  It is an incredible and groundbreaking opportunity. 

Embracing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

The BlueCherry Supply Chain Management platform stands out with its low code/no code, highly configurable, and open framework. This modern platform fills the void in end-to-end supply chain management and business operations. It serves as a versatile alternative to the costly and often excessive functionality of traditional software solutions. By adopting this platform, companies can achieve rapid and cost-effective responses to business needs, align with leadership strategies, and eliminate reliance on outdated spreadsheets, custom solutions, and legacy applications. This transition not only mitigates risks but also enhances overall performance.

Matt Brosious, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at CGS, emphasizes the platform's role in addressing IT and business process gaps in an organized manner, without the need for excessive customization of existing software packages. This approach results in increased efficiencies and more streamlined IT spending, helping brands and retailers move away from a cumbersome mix of legacy applications.

A Unique Framework for Flexible Deployment and Development

The open software development framework of CGS enables seamless integration with existing technology platforms and core solutions. This flexibility accommodates every data element, facilitating connections to a wide array of financial and core business solutions, as well as external partners. The platform offers a home for data, pre-built code for complex operations, and easy-to-use APIs, granting companies the autonomy to choose their development path while leveraging CGS's deep IT expertise in apparel, footwear, accessories and home goods.

Ensuring Reduced Risks and Enhanced Reliability

CGS BlueCherry® is celebrated for its modern technology, extensive customer base, decades of industry expertise, and a global footprint. The platform's cloud-based development framework, open architecture, and reliable hosting environment underscore its credibility. CGS encourages piloting the platform for supply chain projects, allowing companies to start small and scale as needed. This scalability is crucial for accommodating growth, onboarding new business partners, and embracing new opportunities.

A Strategic Vision for Legacy Replacement

The CGS BlueCherry® Supply Chain Management Platform presents a strategic opportunity for legacy application replacement. By providing a proven, reliable, and flexible framework, CGS empowers companies to navigate the complexities of the modern supply chain with confidence. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the quest for streamlined, cost-effective, and robust supply chain management solutions, tailored to meet the unique challenges of today's businesses.

Are you ready to reduce IT spending while meeting important business requirements? Contact CGS BlueCherry® to learn more about our white space development solutions.