Right Product, Right Time, Right Price

Companies are challenged to provide on-trend, timely and smartly-priced merchandise. This can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s highly competitive and time-sensitive consumer lifestyle products marketplace. 

To achieve omnichannel business objectives, retailers and brands must increase their understanding of consumer demand, skillfully plan and develop their product mix and improve collaboration with their channel partners. Real-time business visibility and greater efficiency is required to improve strategic decision-making and meet consumer expectations.   

By leveraging advanced omnichannel merchandise planning strategies, more detailed assortment plans are used to translate the overall plan into the most appropriate and profitable mix for each distribution channel based on specific customer preferences and needs—resulting in on-trend merchandise reaching the market faster, a greater full price sell-through and increased margins.

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Robust and Flexible Planning Tools

BlueCherry® Omnichannel Planning (OCMP) is a best-in-class, fully integrated solution with a powerful, comprehensive set of tools to manage and drive your merchandise planning, forecasting, brand management and inventory control requirements.  

Robust and flexible capabilities significantly improve retail, wholesale, catalog and ecommerce channel results. Individual plans can be managed independently or merged into a single, multichannel plan, reducing stock-outs and mark-downs, and improving inventory balancing and demand optimization.

Right Product, Right Time, Right Price

Bottom Line Results

With powerful Category Planning capabilities, consumer product lifestyle and fashion apparel companies can plan specific product categories using historic point-of-sale data across retail, financial and delivery calendars.  

Assortment Planning tools enable cluster planning and forecasting on a style-by-style basis down to the SKU level. Store level plans can be seeded from these cluster plans and easily adjusted on an individual account basis to improve forecasting based on actual sales to date. 

The BlueCherry OCMP solution also provides internet sales and marketing capabilities specifically designed for ecommerce channels, and allows companies to choose specific channel planning, inventory control and brand management tools to make better design, purchasing and inventory decisions.

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Features & Benefits


Offers the power and scope to manage merchandise planning, forecasting, brand management, and inventory control

PLM Integration

Manage line planning and merchandise assortment plans with full integration into PLM for better decision making and increased profits


Provides distinct planning options for unique retail, catalog, internet, wholesale and other channel requirements


Manage each channel independently or merge all plans into one transparent multichannel master plan

Category Planning

Plan category levels using integrated sales history or POS data across specific retail, fiscal, and delivery calendars

Assortment Planning

Cluster planning and forecasting on a style-by-style basis to the SKU level; develop separate plans for same-store sales  


250,000+ users worldwide


A community of 500+ customers

$40 Billion+

BlueCherry customers together deliver $40bn+ in annual retail sales

“Our strategy leverages investments in CGS software to utilize pooled inventory for fulfilling multichannel needs. We are also using the solution to maintain organizational efficiencies during the growth of single unit pick orders for our ecommerce and dot-com business.” 

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