How to Turn Fashion Data into Actionable Intelligence

Did you know that 92% of companies state that their biggest spending priority this year is effectively and proactively gathering, analyzing and acting on all of their in-house data – from store operations and abandoned online shopping carts to product development, production, EDI and warehousing?

CGS and Apparel Magazine hosted this webinar to share their stories, lessons learned and best practices for how to take your business from reactive to proactive by tapping into your ERP data. Our expert panel shared their thoughts and materials on topics including:

  • Personal case studies and nuts-and-bolts examples
  • Tips for better business visibility and problem-solving with real-time results
  • How to make better and faster business decisions using data-driven insights
  • How to make the leap from spreadsheet-based data and reports to real-time dashboard-based analytics

Watch the webinar to learn how to use data-driven insights to drive revenue, improve operations, reduce costs and much more.

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