Expert Advice on Building a Technology and Business Case for Outsourcing


For CFOs and CIOs, the potential benefits of business process outsourcing are well known – lower costs, increased efficiency, and the flexibility to quickly scale up or down as business needs change. But what is less well known is how to get from where you are today to outsourcing technical support or customer care.

In this panel discussion Richard Lampe, Global Director of IT Infrastructure for Xylem and Michael Mills, CGS Senior Vice President, Global Call Center Solutions, review how Xylem and CGS worked together to build a technology and business case for outsourcing Xylem’s customer support services, which helped the organization achieve scalable, flexible and comprehensive support with its call center services. '

The panel discussion delivers insights into:

  • Creating a compelling business case
  • Aligning technology and business stakeholders
  • Anticipating and overcoming objections
  • Understanding and mitigating risks
  • Managing the transition
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