How to Meet 2015 Goals Using Mobile Technology

The use of mobile technology has become a huge factor of success in many industries. Mobile has taken shape as one of the fastest growing technologies today. It was only a matter of time before the healthcare industry took notice. CGS conducted a survey of hospital stakeholders to get their take on what role technology is playing in helping to transform their organizations; the results are in! 

The results demonstrate that the use of mobile health technology can improve healthcare systems, but some are still evaluating ROI as well as key barriers as they relate to patient engagement. Sure, mobile technology seems obvious in the retail or hospitality space but many healthcare providers hadn't even considered it an option until recently. 

According to the survey, hospital stakeholders say their number one priority is to improve operational effectiveness and 96% of them say that patient engagement is important to transforming healthcare. With that being said, many healthcare providers are moving forward with mobile technology as a way to move forward. About 52% of organizations have already started using mobile technology with 24% in the process of implementation. 

It may be too soon to tell across the entire industries but some companies are already seeing the success. In a Kaiser Permanente pilot project, using text message appointment reminders resulted in almost 1,900 fewer appointment no-shows which equaled to over $275,000 in cost savings. 

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