Mondetta: An Ongoing Evolution Powered by BlueCherry®


Achieving the Data Visibility that Drives Efficiency with CGS BlueCherry

Challenge / Opportunity

  • Centralizing data across multiple disconnected systems to reduce errors and redundancies
  • Increasing efficiency and data accuracy between B2B and wholesale divisions
  • Increasing visibility of inventory and sales trends for better forecasting

“We really enjoy CGS as a company. We like the people and that’s really important to us. We don’t just throw money at a problem to get it resolved... We work really hard to find a sustainable solution, and CGS has been quite willing to work with us on this." ​

            Mauro Biefeni, Technology & Development, Mondetta

Read the study to learn how BlueCherry provided Mondetta with solutions that: increased visibility into sales trends, centralized their data, and gave them enhanced ability to forecast sales trends that have kept Mondetta growing and innovating today.

Founded in 1986, Mondetta has continued to thrive and innovate by responding to industry trends with agility, speed, and the right technology tools. Mondetta has come a long way from the beach-themed casual clothing company founded by two sets of brothers, Ash and Prashant Modha, and Raj and Amit Bahl, and originally run out of their parent's basement. Today they are a leading casual sportswear and activewear company selling to some of the biggest retailers in the world. 

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