Growth Through Flexibility with CGS BlueCherry®

Challenge / Opportunity

  • Notations needed to modernize their processes to become more efficient and transparent.
  • The new system had to allow them to expand and scale quickly, to keep up with fast fashion market demands.
  • Sales operations needed to be streamlined and automated to reduce errors and save time and money.

If you want to see what makes a provider stand out, you just have to ask: How happy are their oldest customers? This is the true measure of a software service provider’s staying power. We’ve been with CGS for 12+ years, and not needing a new provider at this time, has definitely resulted in cost savings.

Ric Lazarus, COO and General Counsel, Notations

Read the study to learn how BlueCherry® provided Notations with solutions that provided: more effective sales operations with streamlined order processing, increased order accuracy, and tracking, enhanced ability to bring large volumes of product to market faster than competitors, and cost-savings through long-term technology partnership that has scaled with Notations and the fashion market.

Founded in 1979, Notations set out on an uncompromising mission to offer stylish clothing at an incredible value. The company began focusing on ladies sportswear and has since diversified into more distinct categories. Notations’ three contemporary and luxury collections are now the foremost resource for prominent U.S. retailers in the moderate priced ladies clothing market.

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