Supply Chain Management automation with CGS Blue Cherry

Challenge / Opportunity

* ERP platform that Aerosoles was running on lacked automation in some key order management functionalities

* The previous system was built on a non-scalable platform and was solely dependent on internal teams for support.

* Aerosoles needed to automate processes so that as they grew, they could continue to keep their staffing flat.


“CGS was selected over the competition because of the depth of functionality that the BlueCherry product offered, the depth of the organization for support, and their overall track record in the apparel and footwear industry.” – Tom Reeve, Vice Procesiden of Technology and Business Solutions of Aerosoles


As a wholesale shoe manufacturer and retailer with 120 stores in the US, Aerosoles is not just a household name, but also a leader in the footwear category. Watch this video to hear Tom Reeve, the company’s Vice President of Technology and Business Solutions, explain how CGS supports Aerosoles’ supply chain management processes, including wholesale electronic data exchange (EDI), order and inventory management and sourcing.

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