Case Study: Software Development Transformation


CGS was instrumental in helping a multibillion-dollar enterprise consolidate their communication within the organization and quadruple training, productivity and skills training.

* In this video, we discuss the skills-building strategies we used when one of the world's largest technology companies tapped us to bring an authentic voice to their technical training programs. Here’s how we did it:

* Subject Matter Experts to help motivate and mentor 65,000 software development employees is a very valuable asset to have at your disposal. We helped our client identify and tap SMEs to create amazing technical training content.

* Leveraging well-documented lessons learned from internal pilot programs, our client experienced significant improvement in software quality, reduced time to value, increased productivity, and better ability to meet client expectations.

* Teaming up with a technology-forward partner like CGS was essential to delivering on goals tied to their large-scale learning program across a very diverse technology landscape, including hardware, web development, cloud and mobile app development.

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