In an increasingly mobile, remote and hybrid working world, one-third of field service leaders are taking steps to enable customers with remote diagnosis and self-service. TeamworkAR™, an augmented reality (AR) platform, extends the reach and value of your customer support by enabling agents to provide remote live guidance and support collaboration. With AR, you can safely show customers and technicians what to do in unfamiliar situations as a live agent leads them every step of the way. This powerful platform combines video and voice chat, annotations, compliance checks and gestures on any device, anytime, anywhere.

More efficient and effective than voice or video support alone, contact center agents can quickly diagnose software and hardware problems, convey repair or replacement instructions seamlessly and get customers back up and running. This helps avoid costly onsite support, product returns and repeat site visits.

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TeamworkAR™ with Agent Assist makes everyone a genius for support


Working toward a next normal in business, customer experience (CX) leaders are partnering with IT to determine which technologies are needed to support customers. Whether you want to save on costs, lower product return rates or reduce costly onsite visits, here are a few examples of how CGS has delivered AR with Agent Assist in different industries:

  • Consumer Goods: AR-assisted agents provide warranty support to reduce the number of items returned for service due to user error. Agents can order replacement parts and resolve at-home maintenance requests faster and with higher customer satisfaction rates.
  • Quick Service Restaurants: From inventory control robotics to drink-dispensing equipment, AR-assisted agents provide remote support for reduced downtime, faster repairs and less reliance on expensive onsite service technicians.
  • Healthcare and Medical Devices: AR-assisted technologies give physicians, sales teams and even patients access to highly trained technical specialists who can help power up new devices, replace worn-out parts or troubleshoot equipment in real time. This streamlines physicians’ work, reduces human error and improves patient outcomes.
  • Technology and Telecom Field Service: Technicians and contractors in a service environment can get real-time remote guidance and support from SMEs to service new or complicated equipment with fewer repeat truck rolls.


According to Gartner, by 2023, more than 60 percent of all customer service engagements will be delivered via digital self-serve channels. TeamworkAR brings real-time digital transformation to technical support and customer care. Here are some real examples of AR-powered support:

  • Collaborate and support: TeamworkAR can help customers unbox and set up a new video game system, troubleshoot a CPAP machine, find a warranty claim serial number and or fix their Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Show, don’t just tell: TeamworkAR transports agents into a customer’s home using their smartphone or tablet to visually guide them through issue resolution. The customer can show, rather than explain, what’s wrong, and agents can then communicate steps easily by adding visual cues to the real-world environment.
  • Reduced onsite visits: TeamworkAR can connect agents with customers prior to onsite dispatches to diagnose issues, walk through simple repairs or help customers order necessary replacement parts. This can reduce dispatches, lessen technicians’ time onsite and eliminate repeat visits.
  • Increase efficiencies: TeamworkAR with Agent Assist increases call center efficiency by eliminating miscommunication, reducing the length of calls and improving call wait times and first call resolution. It also enhances the overall CX.


Between the pandemic and the Great Resignation/Great Upgrade, many service organizations have experienced worker availability issues. Coupled with increased customer service demand, it has created a difficult balancing act. Using remote guided repair, service and maintenance technology, such as AR, is becoming a part of the next normal to optimize operations while protecting the health and safety of both frontline workers and customers.

AR gives service technicians direct contact with additional expertise using remote, live guidance and support from your experts. This quick, visual access to knowledge translates to better first-time fix rates, less downtime and ensured business continuity with more organizational resilience.

TeamworkAR makes your experts mobile


In an increasingly mobile and remote/hybrid world, companies need new technology to support everything from training employees to making onsite repairs. Our award-winning TeamworkAR™ solution—recognized by industry analysts for its innovation, customer experience (CX) and practical functionality—brings the right technology at the right time.

Whether you need remote assistance in times of disruption or ongoing support for a dispersed workforce, TeamworkAR can support customers and employees. Employees can be more efficient by accessing real-time learning and guidance through remote collaboration, and customers can get visual guidance for support and troubleshooting.

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TeamworkAR makes a better CX

Features & Benefits

AR for Any Device, Anywhere.

Available on iOS, Android, web and wearable platforms (HMT-1), allowing for interoperability for support and collaboration

Real-Time AR Collaboration Tools.

Videoconferencing & recording, chat, annotation, object placement, shared workspaces and screenshots, remote guidance with direct interaction from SMEs, hands-free AI-based voice search

Feature-Rich Visualization Tools.

Rich, real-life visuals: 3D objects, rotate, draw & annotate, point of view, image recognition, environmental mapping, video streaming, adjustable bandwidth for field service optimization


ServiceNow, among other IT service management providers, to create / append service tickets, learning management systems (LMS), eLearning courseware, support for IoT

Expert Digital Content Development.

Custom content development provides an end-to-end solution; no agencies, no new development staff, just results

24x7 Support.

Approachable, knowledgeable support team with fast turnaround, in real time via chat, phone or email


Communication engine built on ISO 27001, one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards

150% better

Performance by employees is 150% better than those using paper-based training materials.

60% increase

Experience 60% increase in learning effectiveness

50% faster

Generate 50% faster task performance

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Christopher Lind

People are buying things because they're wowed by the sales experience. AR made that possible for us. AR used to be outside our scope. CGS made it simple so it fits into our mix of sales tools.

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