January 30, 2024


AI the Future of Work

The workforce of the future is more diverse, dispersed, and digital than ever. In order to lean into these changes and maximize potential, organizations need to meet their employees where they are across two dimensions: demographically, which means customizing experiences; and geographically while making it easy for teams to collaborate across time and space.

More often than not, there are digital tools that can help with diversity and dispersion; and most workers are more digitally minded than ever, including being open to the most cutting-edge assistance, such as AI and AR. In this post, we will explore how to offer employees the digital experience they are craving that will ultimately be a win-win for your organization and them. It’s all about (re)imagining the future of work with intentional design of the company’s path, starting now.

More about diversity

What studies have shown time and again is that companies can yield benefit from teams that are diverse. And what you might want to bet on to future-proof your org is AI’s ability to enable these teams. While there has been much legitimate dialogue about bias inherent in AI, there is also something to be said for its ability to go deeper in its analysis of a workplace culture. As Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic lays it out in his recent piece for Forbes, “Think of AI as a data mining tool that is the equivalent of an X-ray for human interactions, and can tell us what goes on when people interact with each other.”

Obviously, a willingness for humans to take brave action with the insights uncovered is an essential part of the success formula for leveraging AI to nurture inclusivity, but this formula is getting results for those leaders who are open to trying.

More about dispersion

While the battle of in-office versus remote work rages on, the dispersion of workforces is already a fact. During 2022, according to McKinsey and Ipsos, 58 percent of Americans had the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week, while 38 percent were not generally required to be in the office at all. It is a safe bet that teams at all levels of an organization will continue to be dispersed.  

What does a dispersed future look like?

All-in-one tools can offer an enjoyable virtual atmosphere for teams to learn, meet, and practice together using AI and AR. They also facilitate more intensive 1:1 coaching and non-judgmental roleplay experiences, addressing security issues that arise when too many applications are patchworked together by well-meaning but uncoordinated functions.

One thing we all learned during covid shutdowns was the limitations of virtual meeting applications. There’s a time and a place for on-camera gatherings, but they are not an end-all be-all. To prepare for the future of work, an all-in-one solution will create a more seamless experience for employees working with customers, teammates, and partners.

AI & AR are the digital future of work

It can be a challenge to sift through the seemingly infinite number of digital solutions that have popped up to prepare organizations for the future of work. But there are only a few that are already getting results by leveraging AI & AR in smart, holistic ways. The CGS Immersive Learning as a Service (ILaaS) solution recently deployed by one of the largest U.S. nonprofit humanitarian organizations resulted in savings of $6.5 million over a three-year period for the non-profit by leveraging extended reality (XR) to train thousands of phlebotomists in the field. This industry-first driver of digital transformation created a 75 percent decrease in volunteer ramp-up time and a 70 percent increase in training enrollment, leading at the new frontier in the future of work through mixed reality platforms.

Companies that are experimenting with AI are finding that their employees embrace the new technology. “People aren't just more productive when they work with digital workers; they are also happier,” according to the World Economic Forum’s latest findings.

With any new technology, it’s wise to be wary of the risks involved. It’s also a competitive advantage to be open to the rewards. A trusted partner goes a long way with implementing AI and AR in this uncharted territory called The Future of Work.

With CGS’ enterprise XR, you enable your team to use real-time virtual interaction for collaboration, training and process development. Through engaging visuals and a connected technology ecosystem, your employees have an effective platform to contribute to your mission.

We recently offered live demonstrations of the new ILaaS Solution at AWE 2023. If you missed it, reach out to learn more.

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