April 13, 2016

Redefining “Tech” Support: 4 Ways Technology Fuels Customer Service

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Customer service and technology are now completely intertwined, and brands must integrate the latest software and technology into their customer service experience. Which are the most important technologies to leverage?

What tools are improving customer services? Let's take a look at four.


Mobile devices have truly revolutionized customer support services, as agents are now able to provide assistance from anywhere at any time. Users expect a seamless and intuitive experience on mobile 24/7, so it’s vital that brands establish a solid mobile platform.

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Whether it be through a custom app, a mobile-friendly website or SMS notifications, giving your customers the option to engage you on their smartphones can greatly benefit your organization.


Social media has also impacted customer service and tech support, giving businesses new platforms to make their interactions public as well as providing them with data on general consumer sentiments.

Structured responses are so 90s (IMHO) why not let the customer communicate in their own style? #custserv

— Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier) April 13, 2016


Self-service solutions have made their mark on tech support, as well. Now customers can solve their own smaller problems, freeing up support agents to provide more meaningful interactions.

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Platform Integration

Due to all these disrupted technologies, businesses must invest all-in-one platforms that allow for the management of all systems from a single interface.

In case you haven't heard. Conversations as a Platform is the new thing in #cxp #digitaltransformation @MSFTEnvision #Env16

— MaribelLopez (@MaribelLopez) April 4, 2016

More Tips

For more tips on customer services and tech support, check out the video below.


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