CGS Podcast: The Thread
Kit Chapman, Director, Call Center Operations, CGS Atlanta | Jul 22, 2021
How the right contact center support can positively affect your Customer Effort Score
CGS Podcast: The Thread
Joshua Mims, CGS Training Manager | Jun 08, 2021
CGS specialists on the frontline are more important than ever. They need to have the problem-solving skills, empathy and tools to consistently handle customers any time, on any channel.  Delivering amazing customer experiences takes well-trained agents. And it takes more than one-time, one-size-fits-all training programs. Joshua Mims, training manager in our Atlanta call center, talks about what’s critical to success in today’s environment.
CGS Podcast: The Thread
Walter Nirenberg, Senior Director of IT, Contact Centers – North America | Mar 10, 2021
Walter Nirenberg, Senior Director of IT, Contact Centers – North America, discusses the technology and IT trends that helped support our business and our customers through the pandemic in 2020. He also looks ahead at the technology that will help us in the next 2-5 years.
International Women's Day 2021 Panel Podcast
Elena Filimonova, Delia DeGasperiscpa, Sreekala Pallalla, Carmen Petro, Corina Stricescu | Mar 08, 2021
CGS businesswomen from across the globe chat about what International Women's day means to them.
Patricia Pugliese image
Patricia Pugliese and Gabriel McIntosh | Sep 01, 2020
Patricia Pugliese, Human Resources Manager of CGS Edison Call Center talks about how remote working has affected our call center staff and how we are hiring, retaining and engaging staff during the current pandemic. She discusses how her and her team have been motivating agents and keep agents feeling part of a team.
Michael Mills, SVP, Global Sales, for the Contact Center Division at CGS | Jun 22, 2020
Michael Mills, SVP, Global Sales, for the Contact Center Division at CGS, discusses the future of outsourcing, call centers and the work-from-home model.
Vlad Sterescu with Gabriel McIntosh | Jun 15, 2020
Vlad Sterescu, Country Manager for CGS Romania and SVP of Call Center Solutions in EMEA, discusses working from home during COVID-19. He talks about the advantages, challenges, and opportunities the work from home model has. What does the future of work from home look like and what are the benefits of a hybrid model?
Paul Magel and Tommy See | Jun 12, 2020
Non-essential retail brick and mortar stores are closed during the pandemic and ecommerce purchases increasing at rapid rate. What do these changes mean for the fashion, apparel and footwear industries? What does this mean for retailers and the fashion supply chain? Paul Magel, President, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing Division at CGS speaks with Tommy See, CGS Director of Product Marketing. They discuss what the future holds for B2B eCommerce, fashion retail, and apparel wholesale.
Doug Stephen
Doug Stephen, Gabriel McIntosh | May 05, 2020
We speak to Doug Stephen, President of the Enterprise Learning Division at CGS, about remote learning and development for enterprise organizations. Doug discusses the best way to transition to remote learning and the best formats that work in remote working situations. He also shares his advice for organizations facing remote learning challenges.
Managing Call Centers Remotely with Eitan Lombard
Eitan Lombard, Gabriel McIntosh and Missy Chaiet | Apr 14, 2020
Eitan Lombard, Country Manager for CGS Israel talks about his day-to-day management of the call centers in the new environment. He discusses how he stays connected with his team and what he’s learned about his team while working from home.
Vlad Sterescu, SVP, Call Center Solutions
Vlad Sterescu, Gabriel McIntosh and Missy Chaiet | Apr 09, 2020
Vlad Sterescu, SVP, Call Center Solutions and Country Manager for CGS Romania discusses rapidly deploying plans to move thousands of call center teams to work from home (WFH). He talks about how he maintains some sense of normalcy and learning new things about his staff.
Call Center Working from Home Preparedness with Steven Petruk
Steven Petruk, Gabriel McIntosh and Missy Chaiet | Apr 06, 2020
Steven Petruk, President of the CGS Global Outsourcing Division discusses preparing and implementing the CGS call center teams worldwide to work from home. He shares advice for other leaders transitioning staff to work remotely and how he works with customers to address concerns.
Pablo Rossel Estay talks about call centers working from home
Pablo Rossel Estay, Gabriel McIntosh and Missy Chaiet | Apr 03, 2020
Pablo Rossel Estay, Senior Vice President, Country Manager CGS Chile, discusses moving his call center teams to a work from home model.
Interview with Joshua Mims about moving call center teams to work from home.
Gabriel McIntosh and Joshua Mims | Mar 31, 2020
Gabriel McIntosh discusses the rapid shift to work from home with Joshua Mims. Joshua Mims is one of CGS’s training managers in our Atlanta call center and over the past several weeks, CGS call centers around the world have moved to a work from home model in response to the global pandemic. Today we’re going to talk about how Joshua adjusted to on-boarding and training our call center staff while working remotely and maintaining social distancing.
Host Evan Aldo & Richard R. Shapiro, Founder and President of the Center for Client Retention | Nov 11, 2019
Host Evan Aldo is joined by Richard R. Shapiro, Founder and President of the Center for Client Retention to discuss whether the chatbots trend is going out of style.
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Host Evan Aldo & CGS Product Marketing Director, Tommy See | Sep 13, 2019
Welcome to The Thread, a podcast about the latest tech and business trends in fashion, learning and outsourcing.