The consumer lifestyle products industry is fast-paced and ultra-competitive. Companies are continuously challenged to deliver greater product innovation and value. Global supply chains must respond with faster, more efficient, cost-effective operations and products to meet frequent shifts in consumer demands.

Companies need to be smarter, leaner and more agile. Product design, development and sourcing present opportunities for improved lead time and cost reduction.

Improved collaborative teamwork increased process visibility. Real-time information flow is critical to respond to changing industry needs. On-demand data flow supports better-informed business decisions to help companies succeed in an omnichannel environment.

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BlueCherry® PLM is a best-in-class product lifecycle management solution for apparel, fashion, accessories, lifestyle and footwear brands. Out-of-the-Box and completely configurable, our PLM solution provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage your entire product lifecycle.  

In addition to core product data management (PDM), bill of materials (BOM), and technical specifications, BlueCherry PLM delivers a number of additional benefits. Our PLM solution offers a broad set of integrated line planning, design, product development, sourcing and production capabilities to meet the demands of today's rapidly changing marketplace.  

Our PLM capabilities better equip companies to streamline processes, gain greater visibility and control over collections. The solution also enhances collaboration across in-house and global supply chain operations. It brings new, profitable products to the market quicker. 

"For a supplier to undertake a WhichPLM Evaluation shows the utmost confidence and conviction in their solution offering." 
-Mark Harrop, CEO, WhichPLM

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Launch new products directly in Adobe® Illustrator® and automatically populate BlueCherry PLM with the BlueCherry Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-in application. The result—more innovative designs and better design efficiency.   

Establish greater control over raw materials and finished goods sourcing, testing compliance, and quality assurance.  

Generate and manage compliance documentation like CPSIA and GCC. Link data from onsite sample approvals and factory score carding to maintain a comprehensive product record. 

Delivered with out-of-the-box processes based upon industry best-practice. Use it as a stand-alone solution or as a fully-integrated component of the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite.  

Integrate with virtually any ERP and eCommerce solution to enable a seamless omnichannel experience.


Lack of process visibility with global supply chain partners can lead to missed trends, missed deliveries, high product costs, and high operational costs.  

BlueCherry PLM provides one version of the truth. Our solution provides details and the status of each product under design. Oversee product development by centralizing and managing the full product life cycle.


  • Design images
  • Product development
  • Raw materials development
  • Purchasing and sample approval

End-to-end workflow tracking results in a decrease in sample iterations, fewer prototypes, reduced administrative tasks and data entry. Overall companies can increase efficiency and overall greater speed and agility with BlueCherry PLM.

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Features & Benefits

Extended PLM for apparel, fashion, and lifestyle brands

Extended PLM

Manage everything from design, product and raw materials development to purchasing, sample approval and workflow tracking

A PLM to reduce cost for apparel, fashion, and lifestyle brands

Advanced Management

Centralized product and color management platform enabling global collaboration. Built-in quality control and testing features

World class support for fashion erp

Adobe® Plug-in

Integrate your entire design team with the best two-way Adobe® Illustrator Plug-in so designers can submit final designs without ever having to log in. 

PLM with PO integration for fashion, apparel, and lifestyle brands

Integrated PO

Incorporates a true purchase order management system, giving you complete visibility of all production costs 


Leverage PLM to generate and manage CPSIA, GCC and other compliance documentation including factory audits

BlueCherry PLM for fashion, apparel, and lifestyle brands streamlines approval processes

Process Visibility

Integrate internal teams and vendors to track and manage process milestones with streamlined approvals and automated alerts  

Super user interface for fashion and apparel erp

Fully Omnichannel

PLM-connected to ERP and ecommerce for a seamless omnichannel experience

AR remote support

Digital Asset Management

Centralize all your text, audio, video and production files while maintaining complete control over the workflow of all your digital assets.

Fashion and apparel PLM with Adobe plugin

Document Management

Take advantage of our document scanning and OCR technology to bring your archived files online. Get all your business doucments in one user-friendly and searchable place.

Mountain Equipment Coop uses CGS PLM for apparel plm

“The Co-op can now streamline all product and material specifications, as everything about a style is now recorded in one place. Anyone of the organization who needs information can now access the portion they need within PLM. The solution is clearly working its magic...”


250,000+ users worldwide


A community of 500+ customers

$40 B+

BlueCherry customers together deliver $40b+ in annual retail sales

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